For Erin and Ben Napier, the cast and crew of HGTV’s Home Town feel like one big family. The graphic designer revealed devastating news about one crew member of the hit series, Brandon Davis, in March 2018. Scroll below for details on what happened to Brandon.  

What Happened to Brandon Davis on ‘Home Town’? 

Brandon was a member of the Home Town production team. He and his wife, Brooke Davis-Jefcoat, wed in 2010 and welcomed one child together, son Kingston Rhodes Davis, in April 2016. The family resided in Laurel, Mississippi, where Home Town is based. The producer worked for the company BlackHorn Productions in addition to his work on the HGTV series. 

On March 10, 2018, Brooke announced in an emotional Instagram post that her husband died at age 31. According to his obituary, he died of natural causes. 

“A world shattered in a matter of minutes,” the photographer wrote. “The love of my life, my soulmate and forever date, just gone. It still feels like he’s on a work trip and will be back any day now, but the reality of that is that he won’t.”

What Happened to Brandon on ‘Home Town’? Death, Family
Courtesy of Brooke Davis-Jefcoat/Instagram

Erin also posted a tribute to her late colleague and friend on her Instagram account, sharing one of the videos Brandon worked on for Laurel Mercantile Co. 

“Today our hearts are broken in downtown Laurel after suddenly losing our friend, colleague and #HGTVHomeTown crew member Brandon Davis,” the TV personality penned. “We are all reeling, each one of us and I am most devastated for his wife, baby boy, mama, brother and sister.”

Erin continued, “His role as our own world-class videographer and producer leaves a wound that won’t heal for a long while,” adding, “We are all better for getting to work with him and know him as a dear friend for as long as we did.”

Brandon’s brother, Ethan Davis, opened up about how he was dealing with the grief of losing his sibling in a July 2022 blog post. 

“Any time I felt a rise of emotion, I pushed it into the proverbial bottle and hammered the cork down,” Ethan reflected. “Now, the bottle is so full that I’m not sure how to let it out. This website is me trying to do just that.”

How Did ‘Home Town’ Honor Brandon Davis’ Legacy?

During the season 5 premiere of Home Town which aired in January 2021, viewers saw Erin and Ben pay tribute to Brandon and his family. They helped Brooke and her new husband, Robbie, renovate a gorgeous 1940s home to start their next chapter. She thanked the Napiers for helping her through the most difficult period of her life. 

“Ben and Erin had a huge part of the journey that Kingston and I took,” Brooke shared during the episode. “They helped support Kingston and I financially and just emotionally. It was a great time of healing for me and for Kingston.”

In March 2021, Brooke and Robbie welcomed son August Beck Jefcoat, making Kingston a big brother.