Back in the ’80s and ’90s you couldn’t go anywhere in Hollywood without hearing the name Bridget Fonda. The 55-year-old actress completely took over the big screen with movies like 1992’s Single White Female and 1999’s Lake Placid. Year after year she was working on hit films that helped skyrocket her career — until she suddenly left Hollywood in 2003.

The last movie that Bridget starred in was Snow Queen, a 2002 Hallmark Channel TV two-part miniseries (which was later released as a full-length film on DVD). Shortly after that project, Bridget fractured her vertebrae when she got into a scary car accident. While recovering, Bridget kept herself busy with then-boyfriend  Danny Elfman.

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In February 2003, the duo announced their engagement after six years of dating and got married in November of the same year. Some believe Bridget quit Hollywood to start a family with the famed composer and that’s evidenced by how she put son Oliver Elfman, 14, above her career.

“It’s very easy to get excited about a job,” Jane Fonda‘s niece once told London’s Evening Standard, “but it’s a big commitment because you do it and then you have to live with it when it’s finished. It’s forever in your section in the video store. It’s you. It’s almost like deciding who you have a child with.”

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After starting a family, Bridget and Danny started to live their lives away from the spotlight. They haven’t done many interviews and they still have yet to create an official Instagram account for themselves. Although Bridget’s fans eagerly await for her to make a big comeback, the chances that she will actually do that are slim to none.

“It’s hard to get a film, you know,” Danny once said. “You need a very special film to be able to get that experimental. But, I would love to see that happen.”

If Bridget does return to Hollywood, we wonder what type of movie she’ll star in?!