Oops! During an episode of The View on Wednesday, May 17, cohost Sara Haines was abruptly cut off while she was midsentence. The show went on an unplanned commercial break as the panel of hosts regrouped after her comment. Scroll below to find out what really happened. 

Why Did Sara Haines Abruptly Get Cut Off on ‘The View’? 

The segment started off with Sara and cohosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin talking about The Golden Bachelor, ABC’s newly announced senior installment of The Bachelor franchise. Each host chimed in with their thoughts on the new series, slated to join the ABC lineup this fall. 

“I think the characters are going to be more relatable. It’s not just because 20-somethings are younger, but people that have been in a marriage look at the journey differently, once you’ve been in it,” Sara said. “Even if you stay with the person, your ideas change over time, to see people that I could look at and say, ‘You look at it more complicated and more layered,’ this is cool to watch.”

What Did Sara Haines Say on 'The View'? Episode Details
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Sunny made a couple of jokes about the fantasy suites, one-on-one time with the show’s lead and each remaining contestant which takes place toward the end of each season. Joy made a playful remark about how commercial breaks would likely be full of Viagra ads.

Sara decided to chime in once more after hearing her costars make some raunchy comments.

“You guys, these are only 60-year-olds,” she said. “Do you know how young 60 is? I know 60-year-olds, they run marathons.” 

Her last words were “They do … ,” before her microphone was cut off and she was censored on the live broadcast. Whatever Sara said sent all of her cohosts into a pool of laughter and shock.

“We’ll be right back,” Whoopi said after the incident, sending the talk show to an unplanned commercial break. 

What Did Sara Haines Say on ‘The View’?

Sara did not clarify her comment or address the situation on social media. Instead, her Instagram comments section flooded with questions about what she actually said on The View. 

“I really want to know what you said when you got beeped out today!!!” one fan wrote in a comment on the broadcaster’s May 17 Instagram post, with another asking, “What did you say on the show today that got bleeped out?” 

Twitter was also full of curious viewers who assumed Sara used profanity during the segment, which is always bleeped out by the network.

Another wrote, “@TheView what did @sarahaines actually say? I like her. And I like that she supports older folks, yes some of us run marathons.”