A new video released by Kensington Palace on Instagram on Monday, May 20, has royal fans divided. In the cute clip, Prince William and his kids — Prince George, 5, Princess Charlotte, 4, and Prince Louis, 1 — are having the time of their lives touring Kate Middleton‘s new “Back to Nature” display at the Chelsea Flower Show. Even though the video shows an adorable moment between William, Kate and their kids outside, there’s a moment that listeners are having a hard time making out.

While Charlotte was running around in the garden, some viewers heard William refer to his only daughter as “mignonette,” which means “dainty” or “darling,” according to Merriam-Webster. However, if it’s used as a nickname then it most likely means “cutie” or “sweetie,” which would be a great moniker for William’s adorable kid.

Prince William Prince Louis

“Anyone notice right before he asked Charlotte to push him, he called her by a her lovely nickname. someone from KP IG’s comment section suggested William called her ‘Mignonette ‘ which means ‘delicate,'” one fan commented on Twitter about the adorable saying.

However, some fans argue that William wasn’t calling his daughter any sweet nickname at all. Instead of saying “mignonette,” he was believed to be saying “been on it” in reference to Kate’s cute rope swing that she made in the garden.

Princess Charlotte

In the video, George is seen playing around on the rope swing when William asks him, “What would you give it out of 10?” And George hilariously replies, “Twenty!” After their exchange, William then climbs onto the rope swing and supposedly asks Charlotte, “Have you been on it?” before she answers, “Yes.”

Even though Kensington Palace captioned the sweet video before they shared it on Instagram, they seemed to have left out that adorable exchange between William and Charlotte in the captions. What do you think? Did William call her “mignonette” or ask “been on it?”