After being overweight throughout both high school and college, Rashard Pennie decided to ditch the diet pills, join a gym and start the journey to her incredible weight loss.

Rashard, 36, says eating smaller portions, drinking more water and adding fruits and vegetables to her diet helped her start shedding weight off her 248-pound figure.

But it wasn’t until she started taking Zumba classes — a fitness program that mixes dance with aerobic exercises — that the weight really started to melt away.

rashard, weight loss wednesday

Photo Credit: Facebook // Zumba with Rashard (2)

“It took about two years to lose all of the weight,” said Rashard — who is now down to a healthy 155 pounds.

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“I’m still a work in progress, but I’m pleased with my results so far,” the now licensed Zumba instructor added. “Don’t measure your success solely by the numbers on the scale. Your measurements and how your clothes fit are great indicators of progress.”

“And ladies, don’t be afraid of the weights!” she told ‘Huffpost Healthy Living.’

To read more about Rashard’s impressive 93-pound weight loss story, visit her Facebook page.