The best way to ring in April Fools’ Day? Pull off a wacky makeover prank!

During this morning’s new episode of ‘Today,’ Savannah Guthrie fooled one woman’s unsuspecting family by giving Amy a crazy new look — and their stunned reactions were priceless.

'today' makeover

“Oh, your hair looks so good,” Savannah quipped to Amy as she innocently stepped onto the ‘Today’ set to show her family her new elf and werewolf inspired transformation.

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When the Hardy clan removed their blindfolds, everyone burst into laughter as Amy screamed “April Fools’!”

'today' makeover

(GIF Credit: ‘Today’)

But Amy’s mother, Barbara — who clearly thought the trick was real — remained quiet as she gawked at her daughter’s pointy ears and fuzzy facial hair.

“Oh! I’m just so shocked! That’s not what I expected,” she exclaimed.

Once she realized the makeover was in fact a joke, Barbara gave her daughter a big, relieved hug.

Watch Amy debut her wacky new look — she’s featured second in the video! — in the clip below.

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