An incredible opportunity! Viola Davis will be getting the chance to play Michelle Obama in the upcoming Showtime series, First Ladies.

“Throughout our history, presidents’ spouses have wielded remarkable influence, not only on the nation’s leaders but on the country itself,” Showtime Entertainment president Jana Winograde said of the exciting news. “First Ladies fits perfectly within the Showtime wheelhouse of drama and politics, revealing how much personal relationships impact both domestic and global events. Having Viola Davis play Michelle Obama is a dream come true, and we couldn’t be luckier to have her extraordinary talent to help launch this series.”

The series — an anthology created by author Aaron Cooley — will focus on other famous first ladies like Betty Ford and Eleanor Roosevelt. It does not have a premiere date as of now.

Viola Davis Michelle obama

The timing of this news is perfect considering that the Widows actress will be wrapping up her immensely popular ABC show How to Get Away With Murder this coming spring. The Oscar winner is one of the most sought after actress’ in Hollywood, as she has a full slate coming up, including roles in The Suicide Squad and a currently unnamed movie alongside Sandra Bullock. However, while she’s receiving praise left and right, Viola once revealed that she didn’t feel seen growing up.

“You know, I came from a story where I didn’t feel just less than or I just didn’t have a voice or not pretty. I felt invisible,” the Fences costar said during her address at Glamour‘s 2018 Women of the Year awards. “I came from a long line of women who felt invisible. And they’re the ones who attempted to throw me an invisible rope.”

Viola Davis

“Courage is just fear said with prayers,” she continued. “And I feel that it takes a great deal of courage to hit bottom and feel invisible and then to share one’s story. But it’s in the sharing of the story in front of people who have empathy that kills shame. And once that shame is killed, guess what? You’re running.”

We can’t wait to see even more from Viola!