Victoria Beckham Slammed Online for Seemingly Allowing 12-Year-Old Son Cruz to Drink Alcohol


Internet trolls aren’t known for their rationality, but today they've excelled themselves by slamming Victoria Beckham for posting an Instagram photo of her son Cruz Beckham and his friend drinking "fizzy apple juice" that they thought was champagne. Even though she literally said it was apple juice in the pic's caption.

The snapshot showed the 12-year-old enjoying the drink with a similarly young pal while looking at the sunset with their feet in a pool. Victoria captioned the photo, "Two little old men! @CruzBeckham @DanielDarri55 #FizzyAppleJuice #DrinksAtSunset #HappyHour."

After Victoria shared the pic, people were quick to criticize the fashion designer for the lovely, wholesome pic because that’s apparently how the internet works. "Children and alcohol, very nice... Is your boy not a little bit too young?" one commenter wrote with another adding, "Are they 21? There is a child drinking alcohol." A third chimed in, "On the picture it does not look like apple juice... Why alcohol? They are so young."

This ridiculous incident of mom-shaming comes just months after the former pop singer's oldest son, Brooklyn Beckham, was criticized for posing with a gun on Instagram before quickly deleting the controversial picture. Before its removal from the photo-sharing site, one person commented, "Really?! What does this make you? Cool?" Another person wrote, "Guns aren't cool. Dislike." Ouch! Brooklyn later posted more black-and-white shots from the same shoot with his pal, photographer Damon Barker. Thankfully, the subsequent images did not include a gun...

This post was written by Kate Wagner. It originally appeared on our sister site, Heat World.

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