From soccer to … Legos? That is what it looks like is occurring for David Beckham, as his wife, Victoria Beckham, reveals her man stayed up until pass three in the morning playing with his new toy.

The former Spice Girl, 45, took to Instagram on Sunday, September 8, to explain that the soccer legend, 44, has been busy building a Lego model of the Hogwarts school from Harry Potter. “So it’s 9:45, he was up till 3.30 on this castle,” the fashion designer said in her stories. In fact, Victoria even asked her man how many bags he had left.

“10!” the athlete confessed. “He’s at it again … this castle is ruining my life now. Daddy and daughter day building LEGO AGAIN!,” Victoria hilariously captioned the series of clips. It seems like David bought the 6,000 piece Lego set, for his little girl Harper’s 8th birthday, and he is intent on completing the massive 22-inch high model.

While it’s Legos that may be driving the businesswoman bonkers, she once revealed a bad habit of hers that her love isn’t exactly a fan of: her untidiness. “This would be giving David a panic attack right now, a full-on panic attack,” she admitted of the cluttered space while showing fans a glimpse inside her New York City hotel room during a press tour for her fashion collaboration with Reebok.

“You know what it looks like? It looks like Victoria Beckham threw up everywhere! It’s like designer clothes everywhere,” she continued. “You can take a little look around at the chaos. So we’ve got one wardrobe full of clothes here. We’ve got another wardrobe full of clothes here. Bit of a mess everywhere. And you can see why I drive my husband crazy because he is super, super tidy. And I’m a germaphobe … Everywhere has got to be super, super clean. I mean, I disinfect everywhere, but I am a bit messy. What are you going to do?”

The happy couple tied the knot in 1999 and share four children — sons Brooklyn, 20, Romeo, 17, and Cruz, 14, and daughter Harper, 8. Well, with 20 years of marriage under their belt, it certainly looks like the pair has learned to live with each other’s quirks!