Actor Val Kilmer is seeking $6,000 withheld by his landlord from a $23,500 security deposit for his Malibu, Calif. rental. The 54-year-old took the case for his repayment to a Los Angeles small claims court earlier today, a new report states.

The landlord previously returned all but $7,400 of the Batman Forever star’s deposit because he claimed Val made “unauthorized” improvements to the beach house.

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In the hearing, the Top Gun actor stated he significantly improved the apartment by installing wallpaper on the wooden cabinets and painting the fireplace. He then told the judge that he deserved more of his security deposit back and expected a thank you from the landlord for his troubles.

val kilmer top gun

Val as “Iceman” in 1986’s ‘Top Gun.’ (Photo Credit: R/R)

The landlord fired back with claims he disapproved of Val’s renovations and submitted dozens of photographs to the judge to illustrate his point.

The lease agreement between Val and the proprietor allegedly stated a tenant could only modify the rental apartment if the landlord provided prior written approval of the changes.

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A decision on the case will be made by the judge in the next few days, the report said.

Val, who rose to fame with the 1985 cult-classic Real Genius, is worth an estimated $25 million from his decades-long Hollywood career.

TMZ first reported this story.