In 2012, Ty Pennington sadly said goodbye to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition after shooting the reality TV series for nine years. During every episode, Ty would race against time to build a gorgeous home for a deserving family in need. Now, six years later, he has opened up about possibly doing a reboot of the show that changed people’s lives.

“Absolutely!” Ty exclusively told Closer Weekly about returning to the show. “I would. I’ve actually been trying to do that for a while, it’s just one of the hardest things. Building a house in seven days is impossible! I don’t even know how we did it — but yes!”

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Ty admitted that he felt “blessed” to be apart of a show that cared about helping families. “What I loved about Extreme is that even when we left town, people enjoyed the process. The people in the community wanted to come and get together and do even more projects like building ramps for homeless vets,” he said. “In the end, people have hope when you leave and any project that really brings hope, I want to be involved in, so that’s really what this is all about.”

Though Ty knows that there’s “never going to be another show” like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, he has since signed on to do another program that helps to transform people’s lives. He decided to join Season 3 of Small Business Revolution: Main Street with Amanda Brinkman to help the small town of Alton, IL. 

“We were so excited to spend pretty much half a year in Alton, IL, working with the small businesses within that community to help revitalize not only their Main Street, but the entire town of Alton!” Amanda shared with Closer. To do this, the Deluxe Corporation invested half a million dollars into Alton, IL, and Amanda brought on an all-female cast of industry experts, who volunteered to do the show without pay.

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Deluxe Corporation

“It’s not just a publicity stunt and I think that’s what separates this from other makeovers. This is the real deal,” Ty explained. “You really see what it’s like when people come together to invest in a small town and not just the businesses, but the families that run those businesses, and how important that really is.” 

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