We can’t stop laughing after hearing this story!

If any celebrity has ever been so candid in an interview, it’s Ty Burrell. The Modern Family star just admitted that he once peed himself in Times Square — and we really don’t know what to think!

Before Ty’s days of fame on fortune, he was just your average Joe trying to make it in showbiz. For years he lived in fear of getting into the industry and went through a lot of schooling to try to avoid facing the challenge head on.

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After finally moving to NYC, a former flame of his told him she would be able to set up a meeting between him and an agent. He very reluctantly said yes, probably without realizing what the outcome would be. “I was stuck between a rock and an aneurysm. If I’d said no, she would have lost respect for me. If I’d said yes, I’d have to take the meeting. Cycling through every possible excuse in my brain and, coming up with none, I went,” Ty told The New York Times.

After the meeting, which didn’t go so hot, Ty shook the agent’s hand and headed back out to the city’s main attraction, Times Square. It was there where he accidentally “soiled himself.”

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“I stood there for a surprisingly long time before I realized what had happened. My ears were ringing from the shock of the meeting. Yet I didn’t move. I watched all the people of the world cross back and forth in front of me,” Ty wrote in the column.

“There I threw my underwear in the garbage. I now had no underwear and, bizarrely, none of the anxiety I had felt mere moments before,” he added of the unfortunate incident.

What a way to handle rejection, Ty!

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