As the world continues to mourn Whitney Houston’s tragic death two years ago, her family has failed to resolve their differences that began long before the singer died from an accidental drowning in 2012.

Not long after she was laid to rest, reports of familial spats, incest and drug use began circulating, with Whitney’s only child, the now 20-year-old Bobbi Kristina Brown, at the center of those rumors.

Drama has plagued the family in the two years following Whitney’s death, and if history is any indication, it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Family Members Fight Over the Spotlight

bobbi kristina brown

In May 2012, only three months after Whitney’s death, the Billboard Music Awards wished to honor the singing legend and recruited Bobbi to accept the Millennium Award on behalf of her mother.

But Whitney’s sister-in-law Pat Houston was adamant about appearing on-stage, arguing with producers to let her accept the award alongside Bobbi. In the end, producers gave into the aunt in an effort to prevent a full-blown meltdown. Reports speculated that she wanted the publicity for her upcoming reality show.

Relatives Go After the Will

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Whitney’s original will stated that Bobbi will receive her mother’s entire $20 million estate by the time she’s 30.

But in Oct. 2012, Whitney’s mother Cissy Houston and the singer’s sister-in-law and business manager Marion Houston, filed a petition to change her inheritance payments, claiming Bobbi “is a highly visible target for those who would exert undue influence over her” or “seek to benefit from [her] resources and celebrity.”

In the end, everything was left as originally stated in the will, which means that Bobbi will receive 10% of her mother’s estate when she turns 21 on March 4.

Claims of Incest

bobbi kristina brown

After it was reported that Bobbi was dating her “adopted brother” Nick Gordon, the media had a field day, with claims that the pair were engaging in an “incestuous” relationship.

Bobbi lashed out at her attackers, explaining how Whitney and her father Bobby Brown never legally adopted Nick, but instead took him in when he was 9-years-old. Despite continued backlash, Bobbi and Nick got married earlier this year.

Fights with Grandma

bobbi kristina brown

Journalists weren’t the only ones to disapprove of Bobbi and Nick’s relationship. Cissy, Bobbi’s grandmother, also labeled it “incestuous,” and tried to keep the pair from living together. Cissy’s comments put a deep strain on their relationship.

And back when Cissy filed the petition against Whitney’s will in 2012, Bobbi fought against her grandmother’s wishes in an effort to earn her inheritance as her mother had planned. No word on whether the two are currently on speaking terms.

Possible Drug Use

After it was discovered that cocaine was partly to blame in Whitney’s drowning death, the public was shocked to learn that Bobbi was allegedly seen doing cocaine after her mother’s funeral. The 20-year-old has vehemently denied those claims, but the aspiring singer has reportedly experimented with drugs in the past.

bobbi kristina brown

Bobbi Kristina Brown attends her mother’s private memorial

As the family marks the 2nd anniversary of Whitney Houston’s death, we hope that both her past triumphs and struggles inspire her loved ones to put aside their differences in an effort to positively remember the singer’s remarkable legacy.