A television anchor in Illinois announced on-air that he has four to six months to live following the return of his brain cancer.

Dave Benton, a nine-year employee at WCIA-TV in Champaign, told viewers on Sept. 11 that his tumor is now too large for surgery or radiation. Though he'll try a new treatment to slow the growth, his goal is ultimately to add "a few more days and make them the best they can be.”

The graduate of Northern Illinois University, who plans to keep working for as long as he is physically able, added, “I want to know that there’ll be a moment where I will stop a moment and say, ‘I hope I did good work to our viewers, I served them, I did things well,’ and I want to take an opportunity for that to make sure it happens.”

The father of two adult children has been open about his cancer battle in the past, tweeting about radiation in January and experiencing hair loss:

Dave also made sure to celebrate the end of his treatment in February:

After the broadcast Thursday, Dave was appreciative for the many well wishes he received from viewers and strangers across the country:

Watch his emotional announcement below: