They’ve been together for more than 13 years, but Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks still celebrate Valentine’s Day like it’s their first year of marriage! As for what they have planned for February 14 this year, the “She’s in Love With the Boy” singer, 54, exclusively gushed about how she and Garth, 57, will ring in V-Day during a new interview with Closer Weekly. 

“I’m going to be singing at The Rainbow Room [in New York City]. So, um, you probably won’t see him, but he will be arm candy!” Trisha joked of her husband. “Sometimes it’s just his job just to carry the purse and be pretty!” The country star also gave us a glimpse at how romantic Garth can be. “I would say him marrying me was the most romantic thing,” she gushed. “We just, we feel like we were meant to be together and I feel like I’ve just found the person that I’m supposed to be with.”

Her love story with Garth even inspired the song “For the Last Time” off her first new album in over ten years, Let’s Be Frank. “The song on this album, that’s what it’s about,” Trisha told Closer. “It’s basically saying, ‘No offense to what came before. I just didn’t know. And now I understand why none of that worked out because this is where I was supposed to be.’ So every day is the most romantic day with him, honestly. And I never, I was never a sap, so I was never that girl. And now here I am going ‘I love him so much!’ And I just want to punch myself.”

Let’s Be Frank is Trisha’s first full-length record since 2007 and, after getting back into the studio, the singer gushed to Closer about the feeling of putting out new music after so much time. “So much fun, so much fun. I was on tour with Garth for about four years and so you know, time just passes,” Trisha explained. “You don’t intend for that much time to pass. And then I have a cooking show and all these things that I never dreamed about I have, and I’m like wait, I’m a singer. I need to get back in the studio!”

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Trisha — who recently teamed up with Williams Sonoma to create an exclusive collection based on her favorite recipes — also learned about how her approach to music changed over her decade-long hiatus. “I think there comes, there just comes a comfort of just feeling comfortable in your own skin. And in the beginning of my career, there’s a lot of pressure, especially after a hit song to follow up and the pressure to make sure that you’re just, you know, you’re grinding it out 24/7.”

She added, “Now I feel like the luxury of, I want to make music that I love, I want people to know about it, but I’m not worried about it. I want it to get played on the radio, but I don’t stress over it. You know, I’m just putting it out there because it’s what I love to do and there’s a freedom in feeling like, ‘I just had the best time and I’m not going to worry about it.’ It’s a good feeling.”

According to Trisha, getting the album done when she did “seemed like this was the right time.” Even more exciting is that she began working on a new country record at the same time, so she’ll have even more new music coming out soon — we can’t wait!

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