The Walmart truck driver responsible for Tracy Morgan‘s debilitating injuries in a June car accident is now slamming the actor’s claims he’s experiencing money woes due to the crash.

In the negligence lawsuit filed against Walmart by Tracy, the 46-year-old comedian states he’s facing financial hardship due to his medical bills following the accident.

As previously reported, he also says the retail corporation should not have allowed the driver to work because he hadn’t slept in more than 24 hours.

tracy morgan and fiance

Tracy and his fiancé, Megan, in May 2014.

But the driver, Kevin Roper, is now fighting back by asserting Tracy must have money if he was able to afford a limo at the time of the six-car pileup — a result from the truck driver slamming into the vehicle carrying the ’30 Rock’ star and his friends.

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This new allegation comes after Roper recently filed legal documents asking a judge to include him in the negligence case so his rights are not compromised, according to a new report.

Roper has also allegedly requested the civil case against him be put on hold until after the criminal case — which reportedly includes charges for vehicular homicide and automotive assault — is settled.

tracy morgan performing

Tracy performing in Las Vegas in May 2013.

Tracy, however, is hoping the civil case continues as he needs the money, presumably because he hasn’t been able to work since the accident.

Following the June incident — which claimed the life of Tracy’s friend, James “Jimmy Mack” McNair, and seriously injured two others — the actor spent 10 days in the ICU before entering a rehab facility. He is now reportedly continuing his physical therapy at his home in N.J.

TMZ first reported this update.