You tell ‘em, Tracee Ellis Ross. The 45-year-old is taking a stand against people invading her privacy once and for all. Particularly when it comes to whether or not she'll be having a baby in the future.

On the hit TV series, Black-ish, Tracee plays a mother-of-five — a fact of which causes a lot of people to question when/if she wants to become a mother in real life. "Last year, I was pregnant [on the show] all season," the actress said in Vanity Fair. "That brought on a lot of comments and questions and pontifications from people with no invitation."

Instead of allowing strangers to infiltrate her personal life, Tracee pushed back. She said, "I literally have said to people, for real, no joke, 'Why don't you just get out of my womb? Like, get out of my uterus. What are you doing in there? And why are you asking those questions? And what makes you think you can ask that?'"

Tracee explained that a male-dominated society has lent itself to a "siloed-off experience" for women. She believes that because of this, there’s only "one answer for what a good life looks like." Clearly, she is proof of just the opposite.

The powerhouse A-lister doesn't let any of that stop her. Tracee continues to fight against the imbalances not only in Hollywood — but in our society in general. She has been an integral in movements like #TimesUp and often shares inspiring messages all over her social media. She's a woman to be admired!