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California Girl! See Tori Spelling’s Best Bikini and Swimsuit Moments Over the Years

Between Tori Spelling‘s roles on Beverly Hills, 90210 and Saved by the Bell, the longtime actress, born in Los Angeles, is a total California girl.

With that, it’s not uncommon for the mother of five, who shares kids Stella, Liam, Hattie, Finn and Beau with husband Dean McDermott, to share plenty of bikini and swimsuit photos with fans on social media.

Over the years, Tori has opened up about her dedication to health and fitness. Of course, life with five little ones can be hectic, so the daughter of Aaron and Candy Spelling has some ingenues tips and tricks when it comes to her diet and exercise regime.

“My go-tos are berries and proteins. You got to love the hardboiled egg, they are accessible and portable,” Tori told Life & Style in January 2022 of her favorite snacks. As for breaking a sweat? “Roller skating is back! For that, I am thankful. It keeps me moving,” the Scary Movie 2 actress said, noting she also loves pairing cute socks with her roller skating looks.

Ultimately, Tori makes it a point for exercise to be a family activity! “I love that my children see that I care about my health and join me when working out,” she added.

After decades in the spotlight, Tori has dealt with a lot of plastic surgery rumors. However, she insists her recent looks have nothing to do with going under the knife. “First of all, I have an amazing makeup artist now,” Tori explained during a September 2021 interview on “Jeff Lewis Live.”

“Her name is Hailey Hoff, and with contour, she does makeup like no one else … I look completely different. I look like I’ve had a nose job. Like, it’s straight now,” she continued, assuring it’s “all contouring.”

In addition to her makeup routine, Tori has fantastic skin. “It may be the exosomes, too, because they said my skin looks flawless, so maybe I’m looking younger,” she detailed. “They said I looked Snooki’s age. She’s 33. I’m like, I’ll take that … It’s exosomes, I’m telling you. It is the fountain of youth.”

In 2019, Tori did explain she had a nose job and a boob job but “that’s it.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see bikini and swimsuit photos of Tori Spelling. 

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