Reboots may be on the rise, but Tony Danza wants Who’s The Boss? fans to know he won’t be reprising his role of beloved housekeeper Tony Micelli. While stopping by Good Day New York on Tuesday, September 17, the iconic actor opened up about rumors of a revival and dished about why he sees no possibility of it actually happening.

“First of all, I’ve never been a big fan of these reboots,” the 68-year-old actor admitted to host Rosanna Scotto. “[But] no, can’t reboot [Who’s the Boss?] because we’ve got no Katherine Helmond, that’s why not. That’s it.”

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As fans of Who’s The Boss? know, the show tells the story of Tony’s character, Tony, who moves into Judith Light‘s character, Angela Bower’s Connecticut home, after taking a job as her live-in housekeeper. Tony also brought along his daughter, Samantha, played by Alyssa Milano. Katherine, who played the role of Angela’s mother, Mona Robinson, sadly passed away at age 89 due to complications from Alzheimer’s disease this past February.

Even though Tony wasn’t fond of the idea of a reboot, he did admit that he wished the show was played more on TV. “It would be a good show for kids to see,” The Good Cop actor explained. “The other night I was standing in front of the Paley Center on 52nd Street, [and] this woman walks by with these two little kids, and the kid’s about 6 years old, he goes to me, ‘Are you Tony Micelli?’ I go, ‘How the heck do you know that?’ His mother says he watches it all the time.” Aww!

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Tony might not be interested in a reboot, but his former costar Alyssa, 46, made it pretty clear she’d jump at any opportunity — and we don’t blame her! “I think we’re all open to it!” Alyssa once revealed during an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly. “You know, we kind of all feel a specific way about it, which is what we did in 1983 was very forward-thinking.”

She continued, “You know, it was a show about a single, divorced woman, mom, who was living with her very promiscuous mother, who also owned her own business, and that just wasn’t depicted on television at that time, and then she hired a dude to become her housekeeper, who was a single father,” the Charmed actress explained. “I mean, it was very progressive for that time period and what was on TV at that time, which was family sitcoms. So, really, I feel like we were like a Modern Family type of show, so keeping that in mind, I think we’d all be open to it if it lived up to what we did then.”

Even though it’s unlikely Who’s The Boss? will return to air, we’ll be sure to keep our fingers crossed!