Oh no! Tom Cruise appeared to be injured while filming a stunt on the set of his upcoming movie, Mission Impossible 6. On Sunday, Aug. 13, the 55-year-old actor was performing a stunt where he attempted to jump off a scaffolding onto an adjacent building, but it seems like he didn’t measure the jump correctly. He came in just a few inches short of clearing it, which is when the lower half of his body collided with the side of the building.

Tom is currently on set in London and he was wearing a safety harness during the time of the accident. According to video footage of the incident obtained by TMZ, the Top Gun star paused for a moment after he crashed into the building, then lifted himself up and over the ledge onto the roof.

tom cruise mission impossible injured splash

(Photo Credit: Splash)

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It seems like he struggled to take a few steps until he collapsed to his knees next to the crew. He was able to get back up, but he continued to limp as he made his way off of the set. The extent of his injuries remains unclear.

The father-of-three — he shares 11-year-old daughter Suri Cruise with his ex-wife Katie Holmes and 24-year-old daughter Isabella and 22-year-old son Connor with ex-wife Nicole Kidman — is known for filming his own action scenes, and he’s not afraid to push himself. While filming his 2017 film The Mummy, Tom performed an airplane crash sequence 64 times in zero gravity. Filmmaker Alex Kurtzman told Variety that Tom was offered the option to film the scene on a sound stage, but Tom wanted to give viewers a realistic experience.

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It seems like the action hero is very adamant about giving his fans a real experience, which is why he prefers to perform his own stunts. “There are short cuts,” Wade Eastwood, stunt coordinator for the Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, told Variety when it comes to filming stunts. “But Tom doesn’t like doing it that way. He feels that it takes away from the character and the acting.”