NFL star Tom Brady's wife, Gisele Bündchen, is under fire. The supermodel did what any mother would do: she comforted her kids when they were sad. Understandably, the couple's two kids, Ben, 8, and Vivian, 5, and Tom's older son, Jack, 10, from a previous relationship, were upset after their dad's Super Bowl loss. But the Internet was not happy with what Gisele said to the young ones about it!

When talking about the Philadelphia Eagles, who beat her hubby's team 41-33 during Sunday's game, she said, “They haven’t won in a million years," according to USA Today. Ouch!

When Vivian said out loud that the Eagles won, Gisele allegedly responded, “Just this time. Daddy won five times. They never won before. Their whole life, they never won a Super Bowl. You have to let someone else win sometimes." Gisele added, “Sometimes you have to let other people win. We have to share. Sharing is caring.’’ But Twitter wasn't amused by her life-lesson.

"Better to say, 'they outplayed us and we congratulate them on their win. We will look forward to another season and maybe another chance next year.' The term 'letting them win' sounds elitist. #SuperBowl," one tweet read. Another user said, "Gisele telling their kids 'You have to let someone else win sometimes.' That's garbage parenting. Heaven forbids you teach your kids that failure happens to the best of us and that it doesn't mean the effort wasn't worth it."

Gisele previously congratulated the Eagles on their big win via Instagram after the game.
"Congratulations Eagles for winning the Super Bowl, what a game that was! Congratulations Patriots for giving your best and to my love, we are incredibly proud of you because we are able to see every day all the commitment, sacrifice, and hard work that you have devoted to become the best in what you do. We love you! ❤️" Hopefully she won't have to explain another loss to their kids next year!