Everyone knows TV veteran Tom Bergeron as the beloved host of shows like America’s Funniest Home Videos, Hollywood Squares, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and Dancing With the Stars. But did you know the 63-year-old is also an actor?

In fact, in a new interview, Tom opened up about his showbiz career and candidly revealed that he’d like to do less hosting and more acting in the future. “I’ve said publicly that I’ve been hosting things for over 35 years or whatever and I see Dancing With the Stars as the last thing I’ll host. But I do want to flex those different muscles — those acting muscles — which I have done occasionally, but not often,” he recently told People

In addition to returning to Dancing With the Stars for the reality competition’s 27th season premiering on Monday, Sept. 24, Tom is starring in the new short film The Messenger, an acting project that he loved being a part of. 

“It was nice to be in the company of actors like Jean Smart from Fargo and Designing Women and RJ Walker from Atlanta and to look different and feel [different]. We were shooting in a heat wave and I was… in a corduroy suit in 111 degrees in LA and my character is supposed to be annoyed. It helped… it helped to get there,” he revealed to People

Though the TV personality has made tons of money from his hosting gigs — his net worth is a reported $16 million! — the father-of-two once funnily admitted that he doubted the show he’s most known for emceeing, Dancing With the Stars, would be successful. 

“It’s grown and expanded much more. I thought, in all honesty, we’d be a summer show, we’d be a six-week, every summer a little [filler show],” he revealed. “So this has been much bigger than I would have predicted… Just look at the set we have now and the production values that they are able to mount every week on a live show. It’s astounding.”