Turns out, there’s some serious money to be had in the morning news hustle! NBC wants to keep the Today Show at the top of the TV game, so the network is willing to shell out the big bucks for big names to appear on the program. That expense seems to be paying off, too. Ratings from the week of Nov. 27 show Today brought in more than half a million more viewers than ABC’s Good Morning America did that week.

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Granted, a lot of those viewers probably tuned in to watch the Matt Lauer fallout. The NBC accountants probably don’t mind that Matt got axed, though. The disgraced anchor had been pulling in an estimated $25 million a year and had signed a contract extending into 2018. Now NBC can spend that money elsewhere. Matt had been around for 23 years, but Megyn Kelly just joined the Today payroll in September, and she already has an estimated yearly salary of $18 million.

So where do the other Today personalities rank — familiar faces like Savannah Guthrie and Al Roker? Scroll down to see net worth information for the whole Today team — all of which, unless specified otherwise, comes from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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