If there’s anyone who inspired Tim McGraw to lose weight it’s his 22-year-old daughter, Gracie McGraw. After she saw her dad in the 2008 film Four Christmases with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn, she told him he looked “big on the screen” and that was enough for the country singer to begin his weight loss journey.

At the time, Tim was 215 pounds and he wasn’t as dedicated to working out as he is now. “I got out of it for a while,” the dad of three admitted to Men’s Health in a recent interview. “I was in the prime of my career, and I wasn’t capitalizing on it.”

Tim McGraw

Due to Gracie’s comment, Tim, 52, quit alcohol and stopped eating “truck-stop foods.” He also started to go to the gym regularly and lift weights. With time, the country crooner lost 40 pounds and that was when he realized the more he kept himself healthy, the better performance he gave on stage.

“I use my whole body to sing — my legs, my butt. And having more control over those things makes my voice stronger,” he explained. “There’s such a feeling of accomplishment that comes from the feeling of being my age and still being at the top of my game.”

Tim added that working out has become his passion over the years. “I don’t really get tired of training,” he said and, thanks to his family, he’ll always have a reason to keep himself healthy.

“I want to see my kids grow up, I want to be able to spend time with my grandkids,” he previously confessed to Entertainment Tonight. “I want to take them diving and spearfishing, all those things that I want to do with my grandkids.”


Now that he’s lost weight, Tim admits he’s in the best shape of his life and thats exactly how he likes it. The last thing the “Humble and Kind” singer wants to do is go back to the way that he used to be.

“Here’s the truth of it — I was not taking care of myself. I was leaning on the success that I’ve had,” he admitted. “My family is counting on me.”

Keep up the great work, Tim!