Two’s company, three’s a crowd as the old saying goes! Someone who appears to live by this motto is actress Tiffani Thiessen, who exclusively told Closer Weekly that she and her husband, Brady Smith, are DONE having kids. The happy couple wed in 2005 and are parents to two children — a seven-year-old daughter, Harper Renn, and a two-year-old son, Holt Fisher.

“We’re good! We feel very blessed with one each and I’m not a spring chicken anymore so we feel very fortunate to have the family that we have. We have planned on being done,” she told Closer while teaming up with Uncle Ben’s for Ben’s Beginners Cooking Contest. It definitely sounds like she has her hands full at home as well, as the Saved By the Bell alum added, “Yesterday, I got home from work and both my kids are running around with no pants on and having the time of their life in our yard. It’s awesome, you never know what you’re gonna come home to!”

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While it may look like Tiffani has it all figured out, she definitely faces her fair share of struggles as a working mother. “Right now, I’m shooting a new show for Netflix [called Alexa & Katie] and so my hours are a little crazy. Not every day, which is great — so I get to see my kids, I’m here in LA and all of those wonderful things that I’m thankful for,” she explained.

“I have moments of missing being with my kids all day long, and I really try to make sure that I keep that balance where if I’m home at an early time, that I don’t book anything else and it’s just about my kids. The weekends are just about my kids, but it’s hard sometimes when the other jobs come into play and they take a lot of time sometimes. I’m traveling this weekend but I’m actually taking my daughter this time, which I’m really happy about. I just finished my first cookbook, which has been a huge task that’s taken a lot of time and a lot of energy. It’s just a lot sometimes, but I really try to take a deep breath and try to put my priorities straight when I can — and I, of course, rely on people when I have to.”

According to a press release, “The Ben’s Beginners Cooking Contest has helped motivated thousands of families to cook together – now parents can submit photos of their aspiring chefs preparing a rice-based dish together at using #BensBeginners to enter for the chance to win one of five Grand Prize packages — which includes $15,000 cash, a $30,000 cafeteria makeover for their child’s school and a hometown celebration. Families can find inspiration.”

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