Can an animal be trained to play Jenga? According to the owners of Moe, an 8-year-old cat from Austin, their feline didn't need any coaxing to play along!

In this week's viral video, Moe joins a round of the popular game and successfully knocks two or three pieces from the structure without it toppling over. He even manages to help the human player remove a block during his turn!

But sooner or later, cats will get bored, and the video ends with Moe becoming noticeably fed up with the seemingly endless game.

"That was very cat-like. 'I'm interested, I'm interested, I'm not interested. And now no one can be interested,'" one of the cat's owners, Alan Palesko, joked to the New York Daily News.

"It was funny enough to see him play, but to see his little temper tantrum — that was priceless,

And Alan swears he didn't teach his pet how to play Jenga. "Despite what people are saying he was not trained," the Texas resident said. "We’ve tried to get him to do it again but no luck so far.”

Watch the amazing video below!