The View‘s Sara Haines got emotional as she celebrated her daughter Sandra‘s kindergarten graduation this week! The talk show host shared adorable photos from the event on her Instagram page on Wednesday, June 19, which melted fans’ hearts.

“Sandra on graduation: ‘I’m a little excited but like, nervous. I came to this school when I was 3 and now I’m 6,’” Sara, 46, captioned the sweet snaps, which featured her husband, Max Shifrin, as they cheered Sandra on.

In addition to Sandra, Sara and Max, 41, also share sons Alec and Caleb. The proud mom opened up on The View’s “Behind the Table” podcast on Thursday, June 20, about watching her little girl grow up and graduate.

Sandra made a “precious” video on Sara’s phone about graduating from kindergarten and wearing her cap and gown on the big day. The video was nearly four minutes long. Sara showed the video to her hair and makeup artist behind the scenes on The View, and they could not stop smiling.

Sara joked with The View’s executive producer Brian Teta that it was the kind of video that she would play at her daughter’s wedding rehearsal dinner one day in the future.

“They were like, ‘It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen,” Sara shared. She went on to explain that at Alec’s graduation she was “such a mess” because she was “crying so much.” At Sandra’s graduation, she decided to sit in the back so her tears would not be a distraction.

The View's Sara Haines Gets Emotional as Daughter Graduates
Courtesy of Sara Haines/Instagram

“It’s the first time your child is going out into the world into these schools, and this school is a much more coddling, teachers hug if you’re upset … something about them leaving that feels like the first step of letting go,” the Chase host candidly shared. “Like now it’s official, schools, public schools, rules. Teachers probably aren’t going to be hugging them, loving them.”

Earlier this month, Sara shared a sweet photo on her page while attending a basketball game with Sandra and some pals. “Your daughter looks so much like you!” one person pointed out in a comment on the June 12 post.

As a working mom of three, Sara once shared the best advice she has received about motherhood.

“My mom told me, when had my first child was an infant, that no one chapter or phase of motherhood defined a mother,” she told The Local Moms Network. “I struggled with having a little baby and thought I would take to it naturally, as I had always loved babies. Those words gave me permission to be ‘good enough’ along the way.”

The advice helped her form her own mantra that gets her through her busy lifestyle.

“My mantra is ‘good enough.’ As a lifelong perfectionist, I never could have anticipated just how jarring having kids would be to any sense of control I thought I had in life,” the Iowa native explained. “When I inevitably get overwhelmed, I often pause and think the phrase or even say it out loud. I have used it long enough that I have a bit of a Pavlovian response to it, and I usually settle down a bit.”