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‘The View’ Hosts Celebrate Halloween By Dressing Up as Stephen King’s Most Horrifying Characters

The lovely ladies of The View went all out with their 2019 Halloween costumes, and fans couldn’t believe how much they killed it — pun intended! In honor of the ABC talk show’s Halloween special on Thursday, October 31, TV hosts Joy BeharMeghan McCain, Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin and Abby Huntsman, all paid tribute to author Stephen King‘s most horrifying characters.

The Halloween-themed episode — which was hilariously titled “The Viewing” — kicked off with Abby, 33, seen chatting on the phone with Sunny, 51, before hopping into a vintage red car. As the two women went back and forth on ideas for Halloween, the former Fox News reporter had no idea she’d be entering a situation straight out of King’s 1983 novel Christine. Moments after getting into the car, Abby became overwhelmed with the song “Baby Shark” playing on repeat. LOL!

As Sunny sat in her dressing room after hanging up the phone with Abby, she was greeted by Joy’s adorable pup, Bernie. Moments later, the American lawyer found herself running to find the dog’s owner after being attacked by Bernie, who turned out to be more like the rabid and terrifying Saint Bernard from Cujo.

Although she was searching for Joy for help, Sunny came across a shocking discovery when she opened her cohost’s dressing room door and found Joy standing over Anthony Scaramucci as he was strapped to a bed — which was also a play off King’s 1987 novel Misery.

After running out of Joy’s dressing room, Sunny bumped into Abby in the stairwell and the women began to explain what spooky things were going on. After catching each other up on the events that had been unfolding, Sunny and Abby decided to find Whoopi, 63. Although they were going to the Sister Act star for help, she took her two cohosts by surprise when she revealed everything was going according to plan.

“Sounds like my little Halloween inspirations are taking effect,” Whoopi said. Sunny and Abby quickly realized that Whoopi was in on the Halloween shenanigans as they noticed the handful of Stephen King books piled on her desk. “I did try to get the Shawshank Redemption in here, but trying to move an entire prison is a bitch,” she quipped.

Things took a turn for the worse when Meghan, 35, began breaking through the door of Whoopi’s dressing room like King’s character Jack Torrance from The Shining. As the ax cut through a hole in the door, Sunny and Abby were hilariously screaming as Whoopi watched in amazement. The ABC News contributor then peaked her head through the broken door and joked, “Got it, we’re doing Stephen King. Let’s start the show!” LOL!

Although their introduction was Emmy-worthy — in our opinion — The View stars’ dedication to Halloween kicked up a notch when they made their highly anticipated debuts on stage.

To see how incredible their Halloween costumes were for the 2019 holiday, scroll through the gallery below!

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