We’ve probably asked ourselves a million times if we could ever do what Jimmy Fallon does and, after much contemplation, we decided it’s not possible. The late night TV host knows all the best tips and tricks to keep The Tonight Show audiences laughing and, after years of being on the air, he’s accumulated a very impressive net worth.

He’s valued at $60 million and has been making $16 million a year, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He shares all of his assets with his beautiful wife, Nancy Juvonen, and their kids — Winnie, 6, and Frances, 4.

Jimmy Fallon family

“They’re totally pals,” Jimmy previously shared to People about his daughters. “There’s some arguments, but it’s baby arguments. They’re automatic best friends because they’re around each other all day long.”

Since they’re sisters, Winnie and Frances always make sure that they have each other’s backs. “Winnie’s still the oldest and now she’s kind of helping Franny,” the dad of two said. “She’s talking to her and she’s like, ‘No Franny. You don’t do that.’ It’s interesting the way they help each other out. You can tell they’re bonded forever.”

Even though Jimmy’s kids get along great, he doesn’t like them spending too much time on social media. “I really want them to play outside more than anything because that’s what I did with my sister when I grew up,” he explained. “No iPads, no iPhones. Get dirty, go on the swings and just play and play and play until you’re exhausted. And swimming, they love swimming. We started teaching our kids to swim when they were like 1 and a half and they’re aces at it now. They’re like little fish. I love it.”

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Winnie and Frances have become the apple of their father’s eye and Jimmy doesn’t mind at all! “I’m showing pictures of the kids to cab drivers, everyone,” he admitted. “You have to realize, I never thought I’d become that guy.”

“And what I mean by that guy is that now I’m the guy who shows you pictures of their kid on the phone and I go, ‘Isn’t this the cutest thing?’ he asked.

It’s no wonder Jimmy has such an impressive net worth. He works hard for his kids!