Only in the new issue of ‘Closer Weekly,’ stars from The Sound of Music exclusively share never-before-told stories from the set as the film marks its 50th anniversary.

The actors who played the von Trapp children formed a special bond with leading lady Julie Andrews. “Julie was very protective and kind,” Kym Karath (little Gretl), who was 5 years old during filming, remembers. “She established an incredibly lovely bond with us.”

'sound of music' cast

The von Trapp family in ‘The Sound of Music.’

Julie would often find herself playing real-life babysitter to the seven kids. “If we were getting rambunctious while they were setting up a shot, she would pick up a guitar and start singing with us,” Debbie Turner, who played Marta, shares exclusively with ‘Closer.’ “She was exactly who you saw in the movie — that wonderful Maria von Trapp was Julie Andrews.”

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And it wasn’t just the children who adored Julie — Christopher Plummer (Captain von Trapp) did, as well. “He always said that no matter what he was grumpy about, he loved Julie,” says Barry Monush, author of the book ‘The Sound of Music FAQ.’ “They got along famously.”

'sound of music' 40th anniversary

Many of the cast members reunited for the iconic film’s 40th anniversary in 2005.

“They really enjoyed each other and it shows in the scene when they sing ‘Something Good.’ They giggled through the whole thing,” Angela Cartwright, who played Brigitta tells ‘Closer.’ And the von Trapp kids got along just as well!

“Heather Menzies [Louisa von Trapp] and I had schoolgirl crushes on Daniel Truhitte and Nicholas Hammond,” says Angela about the actors who played Rolfe and Friedrich, respectively. “There was a lot of laughing and giggling.”

Fifty years later, the group remains close as ever. “We really did create a second family through good times and bad,” says Kym. “Heather and her husband, Robert Urich, were my son’s godmother and godfather.”

Says Nicholas, “We’ve been there for weddings, births and the deaths of parents and partners. I know I could call any one of the other six at 3 in the morning if I were in a crisis, and they would be there for me in a heartbeat, as I would be for them.”

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