In a hilarious video put together as part of the campaign for the Red Nose Day fundraiser, Hollywood's leading stars came together to reveal their "real" voices while raising money for children and youth that are living in poverty.

The short clip starts off by Jodie Foster talking candidly about Julia Roberts' "distinctive voice" which turns out to be quite masculine. Pretty Woman costar Richard Gere even chimes in claiming, "It's Barry White, it's the lowest voice, gravelly voice I have ever heard."

We did not see that one coming!

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After the sweet Julia Roberts' comes on screen, she throws 'Notting Hill' star Hugh Grant under the bus, sharing that he has been faking his English accent the whole time and each of his movies have to be voiced-over!

If that doesn't leave you with the major case of the LOL's, then after hearing Daniel Craig's girly voice, your stomach will hurt from laughter!

Check out the clip and tell us what you think!