Diets are never easy, and Jennifer Lopez admits she’s been struggling to reduce her craving for one particular food ever since becoming a vegan.

“It’s basically no diary, no meat, everything is plant based and from the ground,” the singer explains of her new diet, which she began not long ago. “Butter is the one thing I miss!”

Luckily, the 44-year-old thinks it’s worth-it! “You do feel better,” Jennifer says of her newfound energy. “I do recommend the vegan diet because you wake up and feel great!”

And it appears to be agreeing with the star, who has looked flawless during her latest stint as an American Idol judge!

jennifer lopez

But we can’t help but wonder if she misses those chocolate chip cookies she claimed to consume daily in February!

The star also tells New York’s Z100 station that while she enjoys adulthood and having her own family, she still harkens back to her days as a young artist.

“I do love being a woman but I still feel very girlish inside and I have a youthful quality where people think of me as me,” shares the actress.