Yabba Dabba Doo: There Is So Much About ‘The Flintstones’ You Don’t Know, But Should

One of the most beloved Classic TV series ever produced is The Flintstones, the animated sitcom — and that’s the best word for it, since it really does feel like it could have been a live-action show — that introduced audiences to Fred and Wilma Flintstone, and their next-door neighbors Barney and Betty Rubble. Set in the town of Bedrock, it deals with the guys (usually under Fred’s lead) trying one crazy scheme after another, and their wives having to pick up the pieces when it inevitably goes wrong. Think of it as The Honeymooners, but, you know, set in the Stone Age.

That’s the element of the show that makes it feel a regular TV comedy. What separates it is taking elements of our modern world, and giving us a prehistoric take on it. Wanna drive a car? No problem, just be prepared to use your feet to get it moving, because there’s no such thing as engines or gasoline. Want to listen to some music? Have your monkey hand over a stone-carved disc to a bird that will use its beak like a needle to play it. Hungry? How would you like your brontosaurus burger cooked? Wanna fly to another city? Take one of the seats attached to the top of pterodactyls and hold on for dear life. We’re assuming you get our point.

The Flintstones has been around since 1960 (sounds like the Stone Age, doesn’t it?), but for nearly 60 years it’s been entertaining one generation after another. With this guide, you’ll understand why as we take a look back at the beloved characters, like a page right out of history.

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