No, The Breakfast Club was not released on March 24th, 1984. But it was the day cited in the classic ’80s movie when a Brain, an Athlete, a Basket Case, a Princess and a Criminal met in detention at Shermer High School.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the screenshot below!

breakfast club

A truly important day in history when a group of misfits reflect on some of life’s biggest questions, break down stereotypes and rebel against a common enemy: assistant principal Dick Vernon.

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Here’s a look back at 5 of the movie’s most memorable moments!

The Chase

The scene where the gang runs away from Vernon through the halls of the school has been spoofed more times than we can count, the sign of a truly great movie moment!

The Lunch Scene

Another way for director John Hughes to differentiate between the characters’ five distinct personalities!

Dancing in the Library

A montage sequence, usually put in movies to kill time. Maybe that was John Hughes intention, but it’s become one of the most recognized scenes in the film!

What is going to happen to us on Monday?

This scene is definitely a tear-jerker. When Brian Johnson poses the above question…will the group still be friends with each other when Monday rolls around? Will they say hi in the hallways? It’s emotional, intense and incredibly real.

That Ending

The end of the movie gets me every time. Bender’s raised fist in the air? You can’t get more iconic than that!