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WestJet Christmas Miracle

Two hundred and fifty lucky passengers flying from Toronto to Ontario on the Canadian low-cost airline WestJet, received the ultimate Christmas surprise when they landed at their destination! Their wishes had been granted!

Homeless Veteran Timelapse Transformation

Jim Wolf, a U.S. army veteran, has struggled with homelessness, poverty, and alcoholism for decades. In September of this year, he volunteered to go through a physical transformation.

Dad Documents Preemie Son's First Year

A Columbus, Ohio dad chronicles the both painful and joyful 107 day journey that his premature son took from the NICU to home.

Children in Hospital Lip-Sync Katy Perry's Roar

It's hospitals like these that make the daily lives of sick children better! Watch the kids at the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock lip-sync Katy Perry's "Roar" as they battle all different kinds of illness.

Dairy Queen Worker Repays Blind Man After Woman Steals His $20

A 19-year-old Diary Queen worker asks a woman to leave after she steals a $20 bill from a visually-impaired man. The worker than pays the man back from his own wallet.

Man Proposes to Boyfriend in Home Depot

Man orchestrates elaborate proposal in a Home Depot, complete with choreographed dance moves and a surprise from his family!

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

A forensic artist asks women to describe their appearance to him, then sketches them. He then asks strangers to describe the women, and sketches them. The difference between the pictures is staggering.

A Letter From Fred

A man submits his song to a songwriting contest, which he dedicates to his late wife Lorraine. Green Shoe Studio records the beautiful song for him, free of charge.

San Francisco's Batkid

Batkid from San Francisco Chronicle on Vimeo.

The city of San Francisco was thrust into the national spotlight on Friday, not because of a city-wide tragedy or natural disaster, but because of a wish. Five-year-old Miles, who had battled leukemia since he was two, told the Make-A-Wish Foundation Bay Area that he wanted to be batman for a day, so they made it happen.