Is Empire actor Terrence Howard leaving Hollywood? The 50-year-old star opened up about retiring from acting after his hit series on FOX comes to an end.

“I’m done with acting. I’m done pretending,” he recently told Extra in a new interview, and the dad of four doesn’t want to go into philanthropy either. “No, not philanthropy; I’m just focusing on bringing truth to the world,” he said.

terrence howard empire

However, giving up his career in the limelight won’t be so easy for Terrence. In the interview, he admitted he’ll miss his Empire costars the most after he leaves Hollywood for good. “I love the cast members,” he said. “I will miss them a great deal, and the crew.”

With a life away from the spotlight, Terrence will be able to focus on his kids — Heaven, Hunter, Aubrey, and Qirin — a lot more. “I was 24 when I started my first batch. I was still becoming a man,” he previously recalled to People about being a young parent. “I didn’t really put the time into my kids. I called them every day and they said they saw me more than enough, but I feel like I missed out on a lot of personal time with them.”

However, the Hustle & Flow actor admits he won’t be making the same mistakes again. “Now I’m more conscious and present this time around,” he said, and with the help of his third wife, Mira Pak, Terrence has everything that he needs to be an even greater guy.


“It took me 45 years to find you,” he previously gushed via Instagram about his relationship with Mira. “But now that I have you in my 50th year, I will spend the rest of eternity at your side. And I pray that everybody finds that one that will complete them for all eternity because it means everything. I love you.”