The rumors are true. Ted Danson once did mushrooms with his "Cheers" co-star Woody Harrelson!

The 66-year-old actor revealed his psychedelic experience during a guest appearance on "Conan," telling the red-headed host that he, Harrelson and George Wendt decided to play hooky from the "Cheers" set one day.

The trio took out fellow co-star John Ratzenberger's boat, where Danson explains why he chose to "light up" with good pal Harrelson.

"We were in the harbour, I hadn't had any breakfast, I have the munchies and Woody says, 'Have you ever tried mushrooms?' explains Danson.

"I have a free day, I'm on a boat… I will be called upon by nobody, I'm not responsible for anything today. How wonderful…"

But for a mushroom rookie, the actor shares that his hearty appetite just made matters worse.

"I ate way more than my share and for the next three hours I died,” Danson reveals. "I would forget to breathe and George Wendt, who's so bored that I'd done this… would look at me and go, 'BREATHE!'"

The actor added, "Like an idiot, I ruined what I hear could be a nice experience," but the father-of-two quickly clarified, "This is actually an anti-drug statement."

Watch the hilarious interview below!