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‘Super Dad’ Taylor Calmus Lives in a Beautiful Colorado Home! Take a Tour of the Magnolia Network Host’s House

Before starring in Super Dad on Magnolia Network, Taylor Calmus grew a massive following as a DIY expert on YouTube and social media. He and his team of builders now make children’s dreams come true, creating epic backyard playhouses that are fit for royalty. The television personality and his family moved from California to a stunning home in Colorado in 2020. 

Taylor, better known by his online moniker “Dude Dad,” and his wife, Heidi, were big fans of Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines before he landed his show on Magnolia Network. The opportunity came about after he challenged Chip to a playhouse-building contest online. All proceeds went to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

“It was at St. Jude that Chip pulled me aside into this little room with Joanna and my wife and a couple of their production people,” Taylor told The List in July 2021. “And he was like, ‘Did anybody tell you yet? … I’m going to make you famous. I’m going to put you on TV.'”

Using his past experience with carpentry, Taylor became a master of home improvement projects. He decided it was time for a change, purchasing a house in Fort Collins, Colorado, just before Super Dad aired in 2021. The couple, who are proud parents of three kids, fully renovated the space into their dream home. They documented the entire process on YouTube, while also keeping busy building playhouses. 

“I think that our duty as fathers is to create the adventures for our kids,” the TikTok star told Movie Guide in July 2021. “Kids go through this crazy process of developing mentally and emotionally and physically, and they really learn the most from just play. That’s literally their job as kids, it’s just to play, and us as dads, we have very playful souls, so I really feel like it’s kind of our place and our duty to create the adventure for our kids.”

In December 2021, Taylor revealed that he built a playhouse for his own children during an episode of Super Dad. His father, who also has a home improvement background, joined him to work on the incredible backyard oasis for his children. 

“This show is not really a build show. It’s a show about dads talking about what it means to be a dad in 2021,” he wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of his family. “Getting to have those conversations with my own dad was fascinating. It was so much fun to not have just my dad out but also my brother, sister and mom all helped out in a big way to make this episode come to life.” 

Keep scrolling to take a tour of Taylor’s Colorado home.