The eldest son of actress Tatum O’Neal and tennis legend John McEnroe was arrested on July 15 in New York’s East Village after police found him carrying six envelopes of cocaine and more than two dozen prescription pills.

Kevin McEnroe was busted by cops at about 11:24 p.m. after he was spotted carrying out a reported drug deal. In addition to cocaine, the 27-year-old’s stash included 20 painkillers, 10 morphine pills and one anxiety pill.

According to the NY Daily News, the Brooklyn resident was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and is awaiting arraignment.

tatum o'neal

Tatum and John with Kevin in 1992

A law enforcement source told the newspaper Tatum called the 9th Precinct after learning of the arrest.

It appears drug problems run in the family. The mother-of-three, who also happens to be the youngest Oscar winner in history, lost custody of her kids after developing an addiction to heroin in 1998. She and John had divorced in 1994 after eight years of marriage.

The Paper Moon star was also arrested in 2008 for attempting to buy crack in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. After pleading guilty to disorderly conduct, the then 44-year-old vowed to stay away from drugs.

“I’m going back to my meetings and back to my life,” she said at the time.