Out of left field. Tarek El Moussa reveals that he “wasn’t expecting” to get divorced from his now ex-wife, Christina Anstead.

“It was kind of not something I anticipated in my life, but you know, I’ve learned a lot from it,” the 37-year-old said during an appearance on RuPaul on Thursday, June 13. “I can say I’m a much better person from going through what I went through. So I wouldn’t change anything.”

“It was my first marriage. So, we met when we were young. I was 24, she was 22,” the TV star continued. “And then the day we met, we pretty much connected right away and, you know, we built a life together.”

Tarek El Moussa Christina Anstead Divorce
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While Tarek confessed that a few months ago he “would have said no” to getting married again, today he has “hope” that he will find that special someone again.

The former pair tied the knot in 2009 before filing for divorce in 2017. They share two kids — Taylor, 8, and son Brayden, 3. Christina, 35, has moved on and married Ant Anstead. They are expecting their first child. As for Tarek, he admitted he hasn’t had any luck in the dating scene.

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“I have never been in such a good place mentally, financially, spiritually — like, everything is perfect. So I am walking on eggshells when it comes to relationships right now, because everything is going so great,” he revealed. “My biggest feeling in life is that feeling of loss. I’m still scared to fall in love again, because I don’t ever want to face that feeling.”

Just recently, Christina moved out of the home she shared with her ex-husband for years. “While I’m super excited to just close this chapter of my life after the divorce, it’s also bittersweet,” the blonde beauty said on the June 6 episode of her new show Christina on the Coast.

“There’s just so many memories wrapped up in it,” she added.