Fans know that Tamar Braxton was fired from The Real, but they’re still wondering why. The singer ended her stint on the talk show in 2016 and since she hasn’t been quiet about why her co-hosting gig came to an abrupt end.

“I was actually in my glam room and when I came downstairs, I saw this look on Vince’s face,” she said about her husband after his phone call with the show’s executive producer, Rachel Miskowiec. “He just looked distraught and confused, and I thought something happened to someone in my family, like, ‘What’s wrong? What’s going on?” And he was just like, ‘I think you got fired.'”

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And, to make things worse, Tamar admitted that she had no idea that she was getting fired and didn’t see it coming at all. “Like, what you talkin’ ’bout? Got fired for what? And honestly, my heart sunk into my shoes. I pretty much fell over, to be honest,” she revealed. “I loved going to work just like everybody else.”

But, as always, there are two sides to every story. According to executives of the daytime talk show, there were valid reasons behind her firing. She regularly had outbursts on the set and advertisers frequently complained about it which caused the network to test the group of women in a focus group. “The focus group research showed that most educated and working women did not identify with Tamar’s show vernacular,” a source explained. “Her use of words known to be popular among drag queens and some gay men — phrases like ‘get your life,’ ‘where they do that at,’ ‘have several seats.’ The research went on to say that most educated and working women found her aggressive eye-rolling, neck-rolling and the smacking of her mouth were indicative of ‘stereotypical behavior that African American women have worked years to overcome.'”