Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle star Demi Moore didn’t hold back any details about her private life in her new memoir, Inside Out. By getting real about all the hardships she has faced throughout the years, the stifled relationship she had previously had with daughter Tallulah Willis began to blossom.

During a recent appearance on Jada Pinkett Smith‘s show Red Table Talk, Tallulah, 25, joined her mom, 56, in a discussion about the book and said it was always hard for her to feel close to Demi because she was never really open about her life.

“I felt like my mom made a choice to hold back certain things, like sharing about her past, and I think it always made me feel very far away from her,” Tallulah said. “[She] always made me feel like I didn’t know her very well. I knew she had a career, she met my dad [Bruce Willis], she grew up in New Mexico, but it was like that was it.”

After Tallulah read Inside Out, she said she noticed a lot of similarities that she and her mom both shared. If anything, it made her feel even closer to Demi and made her look up to the Striptease actress even more.

“I think we deified her,” Tallulah admitted. “I think she was this larger than life being, and she was — I mean, I’m completely obsessed with her. Like I love her more than anything.”

Demi’s oldest daughter, Rumer Willis, who was also in the room, nodded in agreement with her younger sister. However, their feelings of adoration towards their mother made Demi wonder if they looked up to her just a little too much.

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“But would you also say that you guys created a standard for me of your expectation that was also greater than what you would put on anybody else?” she asked her kids. “Like, my room for error was very little?”

“I will say that, but also, I think that is a by-product of — and I’m not saying this in a blaming way — but I also think that’s a by-product of you not necessarily being weak in front of us,” Rumer replied, with her mom understood exactly what she meant.

“I agree 100 percent,” Demi said.

It seems as though this family is tighter than ever now.