They may share similar occupations, but according to Chelsea Handler and Piers Morgan, these two have nothing in common!

During an appearance on Piers Morgan Live, the Chelsea Lately host ripped Morgan a new one after he reportedly ignored her during a commercial break.

"You can't even pay attention for 60 seconds. You're a terrible interviewer," exclaimed Handler, who accused the Brit of tweeting instead of talking to her during a break in the show.

"Well you just weren't keeping my attention…What is your problem?" questioned Morgan, whose CNN talk show was cancelled a few weeks ago.

"That's not my problem…This is your show," replied the agitated Handler. "You have to pay attention to the guests that you invited on your show…It doesn't matter how interesting I am. You signed up for this job."

But the blonde comedienne didn't stop there! The 39-year-old took one final jab at the host, muttering, "Maybe that's why your job is coming to an end." A stunned Morgan simply replied, "Wow."

After the interview ended, Morgan retaliated with this tweet to his guest star:

Handler has yet to speak out about the incident. Watch the uncomfortable exchange below: