Talk show host Steve Harvey received surprise after surprise while celebrating his 58th birthday on the set of ‘The Steve Harvey Show’ — all of which caused him to burst into tears.

The comedian first got emotional when his family showed up on set with a cake, telling his four children, “When I’m done, I want you all to just have remembered that somebody cared more about you than himself. I will defend your honor until I die…I’m very proud to be your father.” See Steve Harvey’s kids now!

steve harvey
ET/The Steve Harvey Show

It was also revealed that Steve’s hometown block in Cleveland had been renamed Steve Harvey Way, and seeing his old house sent the 6’2” star over the edge again.

“I learned everything I know about survival on that block,” he said through tears.

But the biggest shock came when Bruce Ayers, the comedy club owner who gave Steve his first headlining gig at The Stardome in Birmingham, Ala., appeared in the audience.

steve harvey
ET/The Steve Harvey Show

Above: Steve Harvey Way is revealed. Below: Pictures from Steve’s first headlining gig in Birmingham.

“He was the first guy — him and his wife [Che Che] — that believed in me,” the ‘Family Feud’ host exclaimed through sobs.

Steve later told ET‘s Nischelle Turner that he’s grateful every day for what God has given him. “A lot of days I probably didn’t think I was going to see 58 or 48. There were days where I was feeling shaky about 38, so I feel pretty fortunate,” he shared.

“I wake up every day — for the first 5 to 10 minutes — saying, ‘Thank you,'” he added.

Watch the emotional celebration unfold below: