A group of friends got quite the surprise while running up the famous steps from Rocky this week!

The fellas were greeted by none other than Sylvester Stallone as they reached the top of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

“He said to us ‘Man, you guys are fast. You’re making me look bad!'” tourist Peter Rowe, 22, told ‘The Associated Press’ of his chance encounter with the hit film’s star.

Sylvester, 68, then posed for a selfie with the trio with his hand held high in Rocky Balboa’s signature stance. “Look tough, guys!” he said before the photo was taken, according to Rowe.

sylvester stallone 'rocky'

Sylvester posing with Peter, Jacob and Andrew.

The actor famously ran up the steps in 1976’s ‘Rocky,’ as part of his character’s boxing training regimen. Thousands of fans now visit the steps to recreate the run and visit the ‘Rocky’ statue, which was originally used as a prop in 1982’s ‘Rocky III.’

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Rowe explained his friends, Jacob Kerstan and Andrew Wright, were visiting him in Philadelphia from Azusa Pacific University in LA — the institution Rowe recently graduated from before moving to the Lancaster, Pa., area.

sylvester stallone 'rocky' 2

Sylvester in ‘Rocky II’ at the top of the Philadelphia stairs.

“What are the chances of meeting him, that celebrity, right there?” he said, calling it “an unreal experience.”

Sylvester is working on-location in Philadelphia while filming his upcoming movie ‘Creed,’ the latest installment in the ‘Rocky’ series.