There’s a reason Swoosie Kurtz has been nominated for eight Emmys — the actress has enough talent and charm to sustain an over 40-year TV career, after all! The 73-year-old most recently blessed us with her presence on Man With a Plan, but it wasn’t just her welcome return to television that had viewers talking.

The Monday, Dec. 4 episode of the CBS sitcom marked the third time Swoosie has appeared as Bev, the mother of Matt LeBlanc’s character Adam. This time, fans of the show noticed the veteran actress was looking particularly thin — so thin, that she seemed to have lost weight from her already-slight build. Could it be that she’s dealing with some sort of health issue?

swoosie kurtz weight loss — getty

Swoosie in 2007 vs. 2016.

Thankfully, all of the concern seems to be unwarranted, as the Sisters star hasn’t mentioned any sort of illness publicly. And if she was dealing with something, it’s likely she wouldn’t keep it private. After all, she’s been quite open in the past, even sharing experiences as personal as her past abortion. “It was very, very difficult for me,” she told Huffington Post in 2014. “It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever been through in my life. On all levels. Impossibly difficult.”

It’s also common for a senior woman like Swoosie to lose her appetite as she gets older, which may explain her smaller frame. In fact, ever since she entered this stage in her life, the actress has encountered speculation about her size. During her run on Mike & Molly a couple of years ago, fans were expressing their concern about her on Twitter, noting that she looked “sick.”

She was fine then and she’s fine now. So now that we have that cleared up, we can focus our attention back on how much we appreciate having her on our screens. Keep the Swoosie roles coming!