Actress turned entrepreneur Suzanne Somers is giving fans her exact tips on how she and husband Alan Hamel are able to still have hot sex twice a day, despite their mature ages.

Suzanne, 74, dished to Daily Blast Live on May 24 about her still sizzling relationship with her 84-year-old husband. The couple — who have been married for 43 of their 54 years together — are “in balance” thanks to hormone replacements, peptides and drinking tequila daily.

“I may be in my 70s now, and I always thought when I got in this decade that it would be over and I just want people to know it ain’t over if you know how to take care of yourself,” Suzanne gushed. “And god, we are having a great time. Yes, we have a lot of sex because we’re in balance.”

Suzanne Somers Reveals Sex Life Secrets With Husband Alan Hamel

The Thighmaster exercise device queen revealed that Alan has “been on hormone replacements for over 20 years.” As for herself, Suzanne recommended a progesterone cream, the melanocortin-based peptide PT-141, and drinking tequila every day at 5 p.m.

“There’s a whole new world of peptides, and I think that’s where my [28th] book is going to go because there’s a peptide called PT-141 and that’s for, you know, making you hornier,” the former Three’s Company actress explained.

“I also have seven drinks a week. At 5 o’clock every night we have a tequila, and maybe that’s why we have so much sex,” Suzanne said with a laugh.

The blonde beauty has been with Alan since she was 20 years old, and the passion is still alive between the pair over 50 years later. “We’re business partners, we’re lovers, we’re friends, companions and honestly – I know this sounds weird – but I miss him when he’s in the other room. It’s magically lucky,” she gushed about her beloved husband. No wonder their sex life is still so hot after all these years!

Suzanne previously elaborated on the keys to a lasting marriage during a March 2021 appearance on Heather Dubrow’s World podcast on PodcastOne. “I think you get in relationships because you want attention,” she explained. “We give each other a lot of attention all the time. I compliment him all day long. It’s not phony. I just look at him. He was walking down from the bedroom this morning and I was walking up from the kitchen and he was in Bermuda shorts and no shirt.”

“My husband’s 84,” she continued. “He looks like [how actor] Steve McQueen used to look. He looks amazing. He works out. He’s got big biceps. And I said, ‘God, you’re so gorgeous.’ Well, that stays with him for the day. And we give each other a lot of attention.” These two are definitely couple’s goals when it comes to keeping the spark alive!