Age is just a number when it comes to Suzanne Somers!

In a new blog post for ‘People‘ magazine, the 68-year-old star opened up about her experience so far as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars and revealed her “youthful energy” will undoubtedly help her win the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy!

suzanne somers 1978

Suzanne at age 32 in 1978.

“I want all the women my age to see these [dance] performances as aspirational — that it’s not about your age, it’s about your energy. I have youthful energy and superb health because of the way I have been taking care of myself,” the ‘Three’s Company’ star wrote.

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For her first dance on the show — which premiered on Monday, March 16 — the actress and her pro partner, Tony Dovolani, performed a Cha-Cha with a fun nod to the star’s 1980s spokeswoman role with Thighmaster!

suzanne somers 'dwts'

Suzanne dancing with Toni on Monday, March 16.

“I pride myself on being a pro. I was in a Zen space last night. I was calm, relaxed and ready. When I went out there, I went out to have fun, and I did. I laughed through the whole thing. Performances are natural for me. I am used to being in front of big crowds,” she said of the dance, which received a score of 25/40 from the judges.

“I didn’t pay much attention to the score. I was happy with [the judges’] comments and walked away from the whole thing feeling great,” she added.

Watch Suzanne’s debut ‘DWTS’ performance in the video below!