Susan Lucci candidly revealed that she is not ready to enter the dating scene after losing her husband, Helmut Huber, in March 2022.

“I know everybody’s different, I can’t imagine it, you know?” she told Entertainment Tonight on Monday, July 8. “Never say never, but I just can’t imagine [it].”

Susan, 77, shared in May that she was contacted by ABC to be the lead on the first season of The Golden Bachelorette. While she turned down the opportunity, she is a big fan of The Golden Bachelor.

“I believe that they contacted my publicist and it wasn’t for me,” the All My Children star told People at the time. “I watched The Golden Bachelor. I really enjoyed watching The Golden Bachelor. This is a new addiction for me.”

Susan was married to her husband for 53 years before his death at age 84.

“A family man, he was a loyal friend, and loved them deeply,” a representative for the family said in the statement at the time of Huber’s passing. “With a roaring sense of humor, larger-than-life personality, and a practical problem-solver, he lived his life to the fullest. Mr. Huber who formerly raced motorcycles in Austria was a first-rate skier, and avid golfer, belonging to the Garden City Golf Club and Westhampton Country Club.”

Since his passing, the Emmy winner has been spending time at home and with her friends but has ruled out dating for now.

“It is different for everyone and, you know, part of it is a choice to get up off the floor and put one foot in front of the other. I mean, it is better to go ahead with your life,” she said. “The other thing is that I know that this life is a gift, it’s meant to be a gift from God and I’m never gonna thumb my nose at that – I’m grateful. And I’m very grateful to have the love and have [had] Helmut in my life.”

Susan Lucci 'Can't Imagine' Dating Again After Husband's Death
Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for ADAPT Community Network

The soap opera icon remembers her late husband as someone who “always made me laugh and he was always there for me.”

“He was one of those people you wanted him to be in charge because he knew what to do and knew how to make things happen,” Susan added of the Austrian-born producer. “And at the same time, [he was] coming from such a good place.”

While she turned down the opportunity to be on The Golden Bachelorette, Susan will be tuning in to watch Joan Vassos look for love on the upcoming season this fall.

“I tried it, I became instantly hooked,” she admitted of watching the show. “I think I’m just a fan … it wasn’t for me but it’s something that I do love to watch.”

It was Susan’s assistant who first got her hooked on the Bachelor franchise.

“My assistant told me she was going home to watch The Bachelor with her daughters,” she shared. “She said, ‘Well, it’s really good.’ I watched it. The first time I watched it was that night a couple seasons ago. I was immediately engaged. I cared. I wanted to know more about these people.”

The TV icon went on to call the reality dating show “my new guilty pleasure.”