Suri Cruise rabbit printed pink outfit walking dogs New York City
Robert O’Neil/SplashNews

How cute is this?! Suri Cruise put on the most adorable outfit to walk her dog with in New York City. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise‘s 13-year-old daughter was seen wearing a cool white shirt and matching pants that had cute pink bunny rabbits all over them.

While strolling in New York, Suri made sure to keep her pet on a leash and a few times she would even smile at her furry friend when her dog would do something insanely cute like peer into her eyes or chase his tail. But no matter what, Suri made sure her dog was safe at all times and was able to stretch his little legs around the city without bothering anybody.

Suri Cruise

Suri’s outing was exactly what she needed to get her mind off of her mother’s breakup with Jamie Foxx. After the pair called it quits, Katie told Suri everything that she needed to know about her and Jamie. “[Katie] told her the truth],” a source told Closer Weekly in August. “Suri’s a lot more mature than people think.”

Katie’s breakup with Jamie was hard on both her and her daughter. Since Suri and the Beat Shazam star spent a lot of time together, it was hard for her to face the facts that Jamie was no longer dating her mother.

“Suri loves Jamie, he makes her laugh and he’s a really good influence on her,” an insider previously revealed to Closer. “He has daughters so he knows how to talk to girls about what’s going on, he really gets deep with her about school and boys and bullies, which Katie loves.”

Katie Holmes shows major cleavage while hailing cab with Suri Cruise in NYC

Like Katie, Jamie is also a proud parent and he shares his 25-year-old daughter, Corinne Foxx, with his ex Connie Kline and his 10-year-old daughter Annalise Bishop with his other ex Kristin Grannis. But no matter how busy he may be, Jamie will always have time for Suri and his family.

“Just in general my dad is like the most supportive dad in the world,” Corrine previously said about her father to People. “The fact that he believes in me without a doubt it gives me the confidence to do so much.”

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